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'FOVEAL' - stripped back

This is the dish being prepared in the mobile spray booth...ironically using paint designed to prevent rust! At this stripped back stage, the dish is no longer functional. It is still an ‘object’, not yet pretending to be ‘art’, low not high.

I think part of the attraction to using such familiar everyday things (such as flooring, doors and other hardware from the domestic realm) is the challenge of alluding to something much greater, the ‘spiritual’ even, from something so familiar and mundane. Turning mere upcycling into an alchemy of materials; ash into paint, dish into art.

It’s important to have the viewer recognise the original item though, for it to be only thinly disguised. The screws on the concave face retain their function for example. I’m not pretending they’re not there; they are given the same rust effect treatment as their surroundings, camouflaged as an integral part of the 3D picture plane.

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