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The next incarnation of the Control Point exhibition is in its final days, finishing Sunday Feb 19. Control Lines, at the ArtGeo Gallery in Busselton, also includes previous works that trace a 'creative path of destruction', a 'how I got to here from there'. Looking back, the sacrificial process of removing stuff has always been a part of my working process, but really took off for me with picking up the Dremel over a decade ago. These first forays were on imitation wood-look vinyl. The engraving style referencing not only old 19th century methods, but the ancient rock art of my surroundings (see article for more). This idea of the veneer became more apt when I depicted plantations, the fake forests common throughout South-West WA. Salvation from 2010 is a case in point:

The structural curve is also a play on illusion.. the 2 panels each appear rectangular; the game for the viewer is to find that 'hot-spot'!

Here is a detail of the second panel, same hill, different angle:

Control Lines finishes Sunday February 19, gallery hours 10-4pm daily

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